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School Profile

Serra Catholic High School
One of the Top 50 High Schools in the Nation

Administration & Counselors                                                                  
Mr. Timothy Chirdon, Principal                         
Mr. Robert Childs, Assistant Principal                                               
Mrs. Teresa Atkinson, School Counselor                                

Contact Information
Phone: 412-751-2020                                                                   
Fax: 412-751-3488                                                                       
Website: www.serrahs.org                                                               Email: info@serrahs.org                                                                   

A former steel mill town, now light industrial and business.  Widely
varied socio-economic levels, located 18 miles east of Pittsburgh.          

An independent Catholic school, overseen by a Board of Directors         
within the Diocese of Pittsburgh.  A co-ed enrollment of 330 students
in grades 9-12.  Effective September 2012, ranked one of the top 50
Catholic high schools in the nation by the Cardinal Newman Society.       

College preparatory curriculum with an honors track for accelerated
learners.  Twenty courses are offered for a total of 65 college           

From Seton Hill University                                                               
Sociology (3), Tragedy (3), Advanced Biology (4), European History (3),  History of Art (3), College Algebra (3), American Government (3), Human Anatomy (4), Basic Composition, Introduction to Philosophy (3), and Pre-Calculus Mathematics (4)               

From Saint Vincent College
Introduction to Psychology (3), Spanish (3), US History 1865-present (3), and Creative Writing (3)                                                           

From the University of Pittsburgh                                                      
Business Calculus (4), Calculus (4), and Computer Programming (3)                                        
From Carlow University                                                                   
Mercy & Justice in the World (3)                                                       

Eligibility for college credit courses: 3.0 GPA/instructor approval.          
26 credits are required for graduation.                                              
A: 93-100%
B: 85-92%
C: 75-84%
D: 70-74%
F: 0-69%

Grade Point Average
Both unweighted (GPA) and weighted (QPA) appear on student transcripts. The level of the course determines how the grade is factored into the GPA, QPA, or both:
Level 1 - academic course with support (A = 3.0)
Level 3 - academic course (A = 4.0)
Level 5 - honors level course (A = 5.0)
Level 7 - college credit course (A = 5.0)
Level 8 - non-academic course, factored into GPA but not QPA

Testing Programs
Incoming 9th graders: STS High School Placement Test
9th graders: Iowa Test of Educational Development
10th graders: Iowa Test of Educational Development and the Practice Scholastic Aptitude Test
11th graders: Practice Scholastic Aptitude Test
12th graders: SAT (100%) and ACT (15%)

C.E.E.B. Test Results
SAT Math Average: 535
SAT Reading Average: 515

C.E.E.B. SCHOOL CODE: 392495

Graduating Class of 2014
77 Graduates
4-year colleges: 86%
2-year colleges: 7%
Business School: 1%
Employment: 6%

Extra Curricular Activities
Boys: soccer, football, cross country, swimming, golf, bowling, basketball, hockey, baseball, track and field
Girls: soccer, volleyball, cheerleading, swimming, basketball, hockey, softball, track and field

Other Activities
Junior Academy of Science, Junior Engineering and Technical Society, Robotics, Junior Achievement, Future Business Leaders of America, Pro-Life Club, Yearbook, Interact Club, Circle of Friends, Chess Club, Philosophy Club