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English Department

Graduation Requirements
Serra students must complete four credits of English in four years (eight semester courses).
 A senior research paper project must be submitted in order to graduate.

                        Mr. Robert Rozanski                Ms. Laura Primyon                  Ms. Kaitlyn Sasala                   Mr. Dennis Stasukevich
                       412-751-2020 ext. 315          412-751-2020 ext. 318             412-751-2020 ext. 305 
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Course Offerings

 GradeLevel 1 Level 3 Level 5 
 9Literature 1 (Fall
Grammar/Essay (Spring)
Literature 1 (Fall)
 Grammar/Essay (Spring)
 Literature 1 (Fall)
Grammar/Essay (Spring)
 10             American Literature (Fall)
Novel (Spring) 
 American Literature (Fall)
Novel (Spring)
 11 Early British Literature (Fall)
Late British Literature (Spring) 
Early British Literature (Fall)
 Late British Literature (Spring)
 English Composition* (Fall) College Composition
Creative Writing* (Fall/Spring)
Tragedy* (Spring)
Modern Poetry (Spring) 

*Denotes classes that are available for "College In High School" credit.
*All Senior Levels will take at least one semester of a College In High School course.

Organizations & Activities
Thespian Society: Honors cast and crew of spring musical
Quill & Scroll: English Honor Society
Yearbook Club: Students compile photos to create Serra's yearbook

Academic Competitions
Essay Contest:  National Council of Teachers of English annual writing competition for juniors
Essay Contest: Ayn Rand Society's annual writing competition for sophomore readers of the novel Anthem
Essay Contest:  Olive Garden's annual writing competition for sophomore readers
Essay Contest:  Creative Communications Anthology open to juniors and seniors