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Foreign Language Department

Graduation Requirements
Students must complete two consecutive years in the same foreign language.

                    Mrs. Janice Fox                                            Mr. Matthew Streitmatter                                                 Ms. Ge, Xiang
                          Spanish                                                                French                                                                 Chinese 
                412-751-2021 ext. 326                                        412-751-2021 ext. 305                                      412-751-2021 ext. 323 
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Course Offerings






Spanish 1
(Level 3/5) 

French 1
(Level 3/5) 

 Chinese 1
(Level 5)


Spanish 2
(Level 3/5) 

French 2
(Level 3/5)

 Chinese 2
(Level 3)


Spanish 3
(Level 3/5) 

French 3
(Level 3/5)

 Chinese 3
(Level 3)


 Spanish 4*
(Level 7)

French 4 (Level 5)

Chinese 4
(Level 5)

*Denotes classes that are available for "College in High School" credit

Department Highlights
The Foreign Language Department works hard to draw in the students and engage them, especially in the first year.  The Foreign Language Department is able to engage the students in cultural activities.
The Foreign Language Department gives students an opportunity to learn culture, grammar, and history of the target language and its countries.
Students not only begin to communicate—speak, read, and write—in the target language, but they are also offered the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture—the music, food, religious traditions, and dress of that language.
The foreign language department is now offering Chinese 1, Chinese 2, Chinese 3, and Chinese 4, Chinese Language and Culture to all students.  We are proud to offer this program through the Confucius Institute of the University of Pittsburgh.


  • All foreign language classes involve various media:
  • Videos for reinforcement of vocabulary or grammar points
  • Listening activities for further development of comprehension and listening skills
  • Songs and music from the target languages for cultural immersion
  • Interactive whiteboard software, including games, puzzles, and interactive activities, for students to easily see the activities and examples
  • An interactive board, for students to interact using different fonts, colors, and styles when completing activities
  • Websites which accompany the lessons learned in class for students to access at home for extra practice
  • Chromebooks used for completion of some homework assignments, applications of the target language, and collection of cultural information

Items of Merit
Celebration of “el día de los muertos” (Spanish classes)
Celebration of “cinco de mayo” (Spanish classes)
Celebration of Mardi Gras (French classes)

Organizations & Activities
Spanish Honor Society
French Honor Society
Chinese Honor Society