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Mathematics Department

Graduation Requirements
Serra students are required to complete four credits in mathematics.

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                 Course Offerings


Level 1 

Level 3 

Level 5 

Algebra 1, Part 1

Algebra 1 

Algebra 1 or
Algebra 2 


Algebra 1, Part 2


Geometry and

Algebra 2 (if not taken in grade 9)



Algebra 2 

Pre-Calculus Math*
Pre-Calculus Trigonometry


Basic Trigonometry/Algebra 2 

Trigonometry & Advanced Algebra


College Pre-Calculus* 


Business Calculus*


*Denotes classes that are available for "College in High School" credit

Since 97% of Serra graduates go on to some form of higher education, we offer a college preparatory curriculum that is designed to prepare all of our students for success.

Level 1: The level 1 track is for the student who needs more support with math. It includes four years of math.  Since the most important part of any sequence of classes is the foundation, in level 1, Algebra 1 is spread over two years to lay a solid foundation for further study.  Students then go on to Geometry in the junior year and finish with a year of Trigonometry/Algebra 2.  The level 1 math student is prepared to step into a program at a technical school or a community college and many will be ready for College Algebra in a four year college.

Level 3: This is the normal sequence of classes for a college prep student.  Our level 3 students take Algebra 1 as freshmen, Geometry as sophomores, Algebra 2 as juniors and Trigonometry/Advanced Algebra as seniors.  These students are prepared for either Calculus or College Algebra/Trig when entering college.

Level 5: The level 5 student at Serra is an exceptional math student.  Our objective in level 5 is to prepare this student to take Calculus during his/her senior year.  Our level 5 students take a sequence of Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus Mathematics, Pre-Calculus Trigonometry and Computer Programming – finishing the normal sequence of high school math by the end of their junior year. In the senior year, students have an opportunity to take Business Calculus, Calculus, and/or Statistics.  Senior level 7 classes are offered for college credit through the University of Pittsburgh.  

Electives Offered


Level/Grades Offered 


 Computer Programming 1     Level 5, 11, 12 Intro to Computer Programming
 Computer Programming 2     Level 5, 11, 12
 Sorting techniques, sequential filing, and various
types of data structures
 Computer Programming 3     Level 5, 11, 12
Sorting techniques, sequential filing, and various
types of data structures
 Computer Programming 4 Level 5, 11, 12 Sorting techniques, sequential filing, and various
types of data structures
 Statistics Level 3/5, 12 Intro to Statistics

College in High School Credits Offered through the University of Pittsburgh

Course Number 

Course Title 


Math 0120 

Business Calculus

Math 0220 

Analytical Geometry & Calculus 1*

Stat 0200

Basic Applied Statistics

*Students may elect to take the Calculus AB Advanced Placement test.

College in High School Credits Offered Through Seton Hill University

Course Number 

Course Title 



College Algebra



  Pre-Calculus Mathematics 

All students are required to have and use a TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator and a chrome book.

Interactive white boards are utilizied in most classrooms.

Academic Competitions
Pennsylvania Math League: Monthly state-wide contest sponsored by the Pennsylvania Mathematics League

TEAMS (Test of Engineering Aptitude in Mathematics & Science) - Annual competition sponsored by Technology Student Association