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Mathematics Department

Graduation Requirements
Serra students are required to complete four credits in Mathematics.

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Course Offerings
Grade Level 1 Level 3 Level 5  Level 5
 9Algebra, Part 1 Algebra I Algebra I

 Algebra II
10 Algebra, Part 2 Geometry Algebra II 

 11Geometry Algebra II Geometry Pre-Calculus*/Pre-Calculus Trig or College Pre-Calculus
 12Algebra II/Trigonometry Trigonometry,
Advanced Algebra or
College Pre-Calculus
 Pre-Calculus*/Pre-Calculus Trig or College Pre-Calculus Engineering Calculus*
Business Calculus*

*Denotes classes that are available for "College In High School" credit

Level Description for Math Progression
Level 1:  The level 1 track is for the student who needs more support with math.  It includes four years of math.  Since the most important part of any sequence of classes 

Level 3:  This is the normal sequence of classes for a college prep student.  Our level 3 students take Algebra as a freshmen, Geometry as a sophomore, Algebray 2 as a junior and Trigonometry/Advance Algebra as a senior.  These students are prepared for either Calculus or College Algebra/Trig when entering college.

Level 5:  The level 5 student at Serra is an exceptional math student.  Our objective in level 5 is to prepare this student to take Calculus during his/her senior year.  Our level 5 students take a sequence of Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry 2, Pre-Calculus Mathematics, Pre-Calculus Trigonometry by the end of their junior year.  In the senior year, students have an opportunity to take Business Calculus, Calculus, or Statistics.  Senior level 7 classes are offered for college credit through the University of Pittsburgh.  Computer Programming electives are also available for these students.

Electives Offered

 CourseLevel/Grades Offered Description 
 Computer Programming 1Level 5 - Grades 11, 12 Intro to Computer Programming 
  Computer Programming 2 Level 5 - Grades 11, 12Sorting techniques, sequential filing, and various types of data structures 
  Computer Programming 3 Level 5 - Grades 11, 12Sorting techniques, sequential filing, and various types of data structures 
  Computer Programming 4 Level 5 - Grades 11, 12Sorting techniques, sequential filing, and various types of data structures 
 Statistics Level 7 - 12Intro to Statistics 

College In High School Credits Offered through the University of Pittsburgh
 Course NumberCourse Title Credits 
 Math 0120Business Calculus 4
 Math 0220 Analytical Geometry & Calculus 1*4 
 Stat 0200Basic Applied Statistics 4 

*Students may elect to take the Calculus AB Advanced Placement test.

College In High School Credits Offered Through Seton Hill University
 Course NumberCourse Title Credits 
 MA120 Pre-Calculus Mathematics

All students are required to have and use a TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator and a chrome book.

Interactive white boards are utilized in most classrooms.

Academic Competitions
Pennsylvania Math League:  Monthly state-wide contest sponsored by the Pennsylvania Mathematics League

TEAMS (Test of Engineering Aptitude in Mathematics & Science) - Annual competition sponsored by Technology Student Association