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Each student at Serra Catholic High School is issued a Google Chromebook for their educational use throughout the school year. A Chromebook is a personal laptop computer that allows each student to access a multitude of educational resources including Google Docs, online textbooks, and YouTube for Education. Google Chromebooks weigh just three pounds, stay charged for over 6 hours, start up in 8 seconds, and have a full-size keyboard, which make these devices great for use in the classroom.

All faculty members at Serra Catholic are also provided with a laptop computer to use in their classes. Teachers are able to create and share homework assignments, daily lessons, and study guides with students in real time, from any location. Additionally, all faculty members and students at Serra Catholic have access to an online student information system, where academic schedules, class calendars, grades, homework assignments, and study guides are posted privately for each student.

Over 70% of the classrooms at Serra Catholic are equipped with interactive whiteboards and projection systems, which are used frequently in class. These whiteboards, in conjunction with the student Chromebooks, allow teachers and students to interact in realtime with educational websites, view videos, utilize programs, and complete their lessons.

Wireless high-speed Internet access is also available throughout the campus.

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If you have any questions please contact Michael Gaitaniella, Director of Technology at or 412-751-2020 ext. 110