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October Was Pro-Life Month!

posted Dec 4, 2012, 10:10 AM by Patrick Sullivan

This year, dedicated as the year of faith by Pope Benedict XVI, the students in the Pro-life club were committed to practicing their faith by respecting life at all stages, from conception to natural death, beginning with the kick-off of Pro-life month in October. Throughout the month, students made posters of the various stages of life, including being in the mother’s womb, learning to crawl, graduating from pre-school, graduating from high school, getting married, and aging gracefully. Students also added prayers next to these life stages so that the entire school community could be involved in respecting life. 

In another effort to engage the entire school, the students in the Pro-life club held a school-wide prayer service each Monday during homeroom. These prayer services offered a focus on life stages such as infancy, married life, and aging. These prayer services also brought to light our faith, which guides us to respect life. In addition to bridging faith and life during prayer services, the students also created a “roaming” Rosary on Friday, October 12. In homeroom, all students joined in the Apostles’ Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, three Hail Marys for faith, hope and charity, and the Glory Be. The students in the Pro-life club then entered classrooms and offices, praying part of the Rosary with each of the classes or offices. By the end of the “roaming” Rosary, the entire Rosary had been said, with the whole school participating. In addition, each Tuesday after school, students met to pray the Rosary to promote life at all stages and end the crimes against life. 

Students also participated in the Pro-life silent day of Solidarity on Tuesday, October 16. Twelve students committed to standing in silent solidarity with the millions of babies whose voices have been silenced due to abortion. One of the sophomore participants, Lydia Fennessy, a sophomore participant, reflected: “The day of silence was incredibly difficult for me to do. I am generally a very talkative person, so not being able to voice anything was a very new experience for me. Throughout the day, I began to notice that not talking was exhausting. I felt physically drained from the lack of speaking, which is definitely not something I expected to feel because of this. It was also very difficult to not speak immediately after school when we had the viewing of the musical video. Everyone else was making their little comments and such and I was unable to offer my input. It was a really rewarding experience, though, because I stood up for something that I strongly believe in, and that makes me proud of myself.” Michael Hudak, a freshman participant, reflected: “The Silent Day was a new experience for me. It was very difficult not to communicate as the day went on, even though I usually don’t talk much. It made me realize what happens to the unborn: how they are kept quiet against their will.” 

To conclude the dynamic Pro-life month, the students sponsored a Penny Drive for Life, in which pennies counted as positive points and all other forms of money as negative points. The Penny Drive collected $1,000, which will be used for a donation toward Miles for Melanoma, the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, and expenses for the March for Life in January. The winning grade, the seniors, won a week of free dress-down from November 27 through November 30. 

The Pro-life club will continue to promote life throughout the year by making thank you cards for the Military and Christmas cards for residents in nursing homes, donationing to charities, and focusing on life issues such as the sanctity of marriage, the importance of safe health-care, and the blessings of our religious freedom. 

If you are interested in helping the pro-life club to promote life at all stages, please contact Mrs. Fox at