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Personal Finance and Accounting Classes Participate in Real Life Budget

posted Dec 4, 2012, 10:07 AM by Patrick Sullivan
On October 15, 2012  Mrs. Koval’s senior Personal Finance students and Accounting students were invited as guests of Parkview Community Federal Credit Union to attend CCAC Boyce Campus interactive lesson on real life budgeting.  Sixteen Serra Catholic students attended the field trip and were introduced to members of the business community who specialize in various areas ranging from owning/leasing a car, real estate to help students find a “real life” place to live, financial planners, and experts in banking who helped the students in planning where their money should be invested.

Students chose a real life career that they are thinking of pursuing, a salary sheet with budgeting possibilities were given to each student.  Students were responsible for going from place to place while filling in their budget.  Apartments were rented, cars were bought, college loans were financed, and gym memberships were bought to give students a real life look at what it takes to live on your own and assume financial responsibilities while still saving and investing money.

The classes enjoyed this field trip because of the hands on aspect of it.  So many students were amazed at how fast their hard earned money disappears!  Mrs. Koval’s class will do a real life budget project in all Personal Financial Management Classes in January.