Faculty and Administration Alphabetical Listing

Serra Catholic Faculty and Staff
Last Updated: October 4, 2016

Serra Catholic High School
200 Hershey Drive
McKeesport, PA 15132
Phone: 412-751-2020
Fax: 412-751-3488

 Name Title Telephone Extension Email Address
 Armbrust, Susan  Cafeteria Manager  127  cafeteria@serrahs.org
 Atkinson, Teresa School Counselor 104 atkinsont@serrahs.org
 Barbieri, Sandra  Studies Office/Development  Coordinator 140  barbieris@serrahs.org
 Barry, Kevin Science Instructor 322 barryk@serrahs.org
 Becker, Kaitlyn     English Instructor 304 beckerk@serrahs.org
 Betler, Michael Mathematics Instructor 307 betlerm@serrahs.org
 Byron, Emily                        AIU Support  byrone@serrahs.org
 Carr, Cindy  Administrative Assistant  100  carrc@serrahs.org
 Childs, Robert  Assistant Principal  111  childsr@serrahs.org
 Chirdon, Timothy  Principal  107  chirdont@serrahs.org
 Cleary, William  Athletic Director
 Physical Education
 131  clearyw@serrahs.org
 Corcoran, Stefanie  Science Instructor
 Dean of Students
 108  corcorans@serrahs.org
 Corso, Anthony Science Instructor
 313 corsoa@serrahs.org
 Crossen, Timothy  Religion Instructor
 Religion Department Chair
 314  crossent@serrahs.org
 Dacanay, Katherine Social Studies Instructor
 306 dacanayk@serrahs.org
 DeSalvo, Cara  Athletic Trainer
 Science Instructor
 Science Department Chair
 312  desalvoc@serrahs.org
 Dorn, Ashley     Mathematics Instructor 316 dorna@serrahs.org
 Flory, Stephen                     Music Instrutor
 Band Director
 320     florys@serrahs.org
 Fox, Janice  Spanish Instructor
 Foreign Language Department Chair
Social Studies Instructor
 326  foxj@serrahs.org
 Gambassi, Diane
 English Instructor
 Religion Instructor
 309 gambassid@serrahs.org
 Harter, Lauren       Mathematics Instructor
 Hogya, Terri    Nurse 102 nurse@serrahs.org
 Koch, Beverly Computer Programming Instructor 308 kochb@serrahs.org
 Kolenik, Karen  Social Studies Instructor
 319  kolenikk@serrahs.org
 Kotun, Maria  Administrative Assistant  101  kotunm@serrahs.org
 Koval, Carole  Business/Economics Instructor  138  kovalc@serrahs.org
 Kracklauer, Patrick     Director of Technology 110 kracklauerp@serrahs.org
 Luke, Michael Maintenance Director 124 lukem@serrahs.org
 Lyons, Lorraine
 Admissions Director
 134 admissions@serrahs.org
 McBarron, Kathleen  Business Manager  109  finance@serrahs.org
 Momich, Heather  Art Instructor  141  momichh@serrahs.org
 Osiecki, Kathy  St. Anthony Resource Room  412-754-0877  osieckik@serrahs.org
 Palcsey, Michael English Instructor
 Religion Instructor
 318 palcseym@serrahs.org
 Penhallegon, Doug     ESL Instructor  penhallegond@serrahs.org
 Raible, Ryan  Social Studies Instructor
 Social Studies Department Chair
 325  raibler@serrahs.org
 Rozanski, Robert  English Instructor
 English Department Chair
 315  rozanskir@serrahs.org
 Santa, Jill AIU Support  santaj@serrahs.org
 Seibert, Wendy  Librarian  125  seibertw@serrahs.org
 Sigg, Kathleen  Mathematics Instructor
 Mathematics Department Chair
 317  siggk@serrahs.org
 Stapleton, Casey  Religion Instructor  324  stapletonc@serrahs.org
 Stasukevich, Dennis  English/Reading Support
 Streitmatter, Matthew French Instructor 305 streitmatterm@serrahs.org
 Wiater, Lauren Development Director    
 Cheer Coach
 105 development@serrahs.org
Xiang, Ge Chinese Instructor 323 xiangg@serrahs.org