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Altar In Honor of Sister Anita by Señora Fox

posted Nov 14, 2013, 12:19 PM by sullivanp@serrahs.org
To celebrate “El día de los muertos” (The day of the dead), students in Spanish classes learned about the history of the holiday, which stems from the Aztecs’ belief that the dead return to join the living. This tradition then adds the Christian belief that once people die, they go to Heaven. This holiday, celebrated in Mexico on November 2, involves cultural music, food, and prayers to celebrate the lives of loved ones. Some holiday decorations found in Mexico during “El día de los muertos” include sugar skulls, masks, skeletons, and marigold flowers. To participate in this holiday, students in Spanish classes decorated their own skeleton masks, decorated sugar skulls, and made paper holiday flowers. Spanish 4 created an “ofrenda” (altar) made in remembrance of Sister Anita. Faculty and staff joined the Spanish classes for a prayer service written by the Spanish 4 students. 

Pictured: “La Ofrenda” in honor of Sister Anita