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Faculty Highlights - Carole Koval

posted Mar 21, 2014, 6:35 AM by Sandra Barbieri
This week Serra Catholic is proud to feature Mrs. Carole Koval from our Business Department.

I graduated from Robert Morris College (now RMU) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Education in 1987.  I married my husband, Chuck Koval, in early 1988 and moved to St. Louis, Missouri where we lived for four years.  During that time, I taught Business Education at Bradford School of Business and then taught 7th and 8th grade at a small Catholic middle school.  We moved back to the Pittsburgh area in 1992. 

 We started our family in January, 1993 when we had our daughter Alaina (2011 Serra grad) and our son Anthony in 1996 (class of 2015, Serra).  I had the wonderful opportunity to be a stay at home mother for 15 years.  During that time, I did some substitute teaching at Madonna Catholic, our local Catholic grade school.  I began my career at Serra in 2008--it was one of the best decisions I have ever made!  Mike Luft remembered that I had a degree in Business Education, and asked if I was interested in full time work.  After much thought and discussion with my family, we decided that Serra was the opportunity that I could not pass up. I will be forever grateful to Mr. Luft and Mr. Chirdon for hiring me and giving me the chance to work in such a wonderful place. I feel truly blessed!

 I love teaching Business Education and feel that each and every student can benefit from classes like Personal Finance and Economics, even if they are not going to be business majors. My goal is to bring real world financial happenings into the classroom as much as possible, so that every student realizes the importance of financial stability in their lives.

 In addition to teaching, I enjoy spending time with family and friends as well as cooking, shopping and reading.