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Fall Spirit Dress - Revised

posted Sep 11, 2015, 12:13 PM by Sandra Barbieri

Student athletes are able to wear the following with uniform pants and shoes (or shorts if during summer dress code).  You will be able to wear this “spirit gear” every Friday until your season is done.  Once you play your last game you must resort back to your school uniform.  Thank you and GO EAGLES

Football: Red/White/Black Game Jersey

Boys Soccer:  Gray/Maroon Practice Shirts

Girls Soccer: Maroon T-Shirts

Cheerleaders: none

Band: Marching Band T-Shirts (this years only which have not come in yet)

Volleyball: white jerseys (the manager may wear a vball tshirt)

Cross Country:  Cross country hoodies (grey with red lettering)

Golf:  Golf Polo’s