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Pass the Pasta!

posted Mar 7, 2013, 8:01 AM by sullivanp@serrahs.org   [ updated Mar 7, 2013, 8:02 AM ]
Freshman students in Mister S’ Grammar/Essay classes are submitting essays to the annual “Pasta Tales” writing competition, sponsored by The Olive Garden. The prompt for this year’s contest is “How would you help end hunger in your community?” Entries will be judged on content, essay development, organization, relevance to theme, creativity/originality and grammar. There is a single prize of a $500 United States Saving Bond and a family dinner at a local Olive Garden restaurant for a winner in every grade level, one through twelve. The grand national prize is a $2,500 Savings Bond and a trip to the Olive Garden restaurant in Times Square, Manhattan, which is located directly under the spot where the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. Who knew that pasta could bring you to the crossroads of the world! In addition, The Olive Garden will award a $5,000 grant to “support hunger initiatives” in the big winner’s community.
Image courtesy of Olive Garden.