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Personal Financial Management Class Participates in Dave Ramsey's Teen Approach to Foundations in Personal Finance

posted Mar 9, 2013, 1:09 PM by sullivanp@serrahs.org

Mrs. Koval's Personal Finance classes have had the privilege of participating in a program strictly geared towards teenagers about managing their money, credit card debt, and gaining personal wealth. In conjunction with Fifth Third Bank, financial guru Dave Ramsey has offered his highly motivational program to high school students. Every Personal Finance student received free workbooks that coincide with a set of DVD’s that are shown in class.

These lessons follow our current Personal Financial Management textbook and are used intermittently throughout the school year. So far, the students have completed chapters on saving and investing money based on their current incomes as high school students, the seven baby steps to financial freedom, and the dangers of debt. Students are tested on these concepts and real life examples are often used as classroom discussions.