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Serra Catholic Juniors Experience a Passover Seder Meal

posted Mar 11, 2013, 10:29 AM by sullivanp@serrahs.org
On Thursday, December 6th, 2012, the Juniors of Serra Catholic had a taste of their religious roots. Through an
innovative program known as CJEEP (Catholic, Jewish Educational Experience Program) Rabbi Barbara Symons of Temple David Congregation in Monroeville visited us and led us through the Passover Seder meal. Because the Juniors at that time were studying the Sacraments, Rabbi Symons, Mr. Crossen and Mr. Stapleton planned this session in order to give our students a deeper sense of their religious identity. 

Since Jesus was a Jew, He celebrated the Passover. It was, in fact, at a Seder meal that Jesus instituted the Eucharist with His disciples. The students were led by Rabbi Symons to eat the traditional foods of bitter herbs dipped in salt water, horse radish on matza crackers, and choroset (a mixture of apples, grape juice, nuts and cinnamon). They said prayer responses in Hebrew and learned how their Jewish neighbors celebrate their freedom from Egypt and work for the freedom of anyone in slavery. Now, when the Juniors gather to celebrate the Mass, they will have a deeper appreciation of where the prayers and the actions come from.