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Molly Klose and Brandon Borek Named 2017 Homecoming Queen and King

posted Oct 2, 2017, 8:24 AM by Sandra Barbieri   [ updated Oct 2, 2017, 8:25 AM ]
Congratulations to our 2017 Homecoming King and Queen, Brandon Borek and Molly Klose!  We also had a special guest appearance from Serra's 2007 Homecoming King and Queen, Sean Sieg and Gina Riazzi, who just so happen to be getting married on October 7th.  May God bless you both with a lifetime of love and happiness!

          From left to right:   Sean Sieg, Brandon Borek (Homecoming King), Molly Klose (Homecoming Queen) and Gina Riazzi,

 Brandon Borek (Homecoming King), Madette Kusic, Zack Bowen, Lexi Meder, Savannah Staab, Ben Bowen, Molly Klose (Homecoming Queen), Evan Honick, Ally Connelly and Nate McCullough (left to right)

 Crowning of Molly Klose
by Sean Sieg and Gina Riazzi
the 2007 Homecoming Queen and King