PSAT/IOWA Testing Information on October 17 and 19

Testing Schedule and Information Regarding Testing
October 17 and 19, 2012

PSAT - Wednesday, October 17, 2012
The PSAT measures measures critical thinking skills, writing skills and math problem-solving skills. In addition, the PSAT is a good predictor of how a student might perform on the SAT Test. Sophomores and Juniors are scheduled to take the PSAT test. A test fee of $ 14 will be collected in Homeroom on Tuesday, October 16. Please do not send in the fee before that time. Sophomores and Juniors should bring two (2) # 2 PENCILS and a calculator to take the test. Students will also be asked for social security numbers (optional). Sophomores and Juniors will also be given a short orientation this week prior to the test to explain the rationale for taking the PSAT.

IOWA - Friday, October 19, 2012
The IOWA is a series of standardized tests which measure basic skills across several content areas. Freshmen and Sophomores are scheduled to take the IOWA. There is no fee for taking this exam as it paid for through the Allegheny Intermediate Unit. Freshmen and Sophomores should bring two (2) # 2 pencils and a calculator to take the test.

As both testing days are half days of school, please be advised that Seniors and Freshmen do not report to school on Wednesday, October 17. Also, Seniors and Juniors do not report to school on Friday, October 19.

Questions may be directed to Mr. Luft in the Serra Guidance Office at 412-751-2020 or by email at