AV Studio Tips

4 key factors and steps to be successful in the


1.-Students should start recording their video 2 weeks minimum before the project is due. Week of and last minute recording has resulted poorly. Here's a link on how to book. BOOKING LINK

2. -Students should have a script of what each person of the group is going to be saying in order and organized/ready to go. This has taken away time in the studio with students having to re write their script.

3. -Students should have a flash drive of all the Images/videos they want to use in the project as backgrounds or reference points. Use this link to convert youtube videos to mp4 videos HERE. You will also than need to convert the mp4 files to .mov files HERE. (WE NEED A .MOV file FOR THE STUDIO EQUIPMENT)

4. -Lastly students should be using WEVIDEO paid version for editing if they do not have access to editing software at home. Provided is a quick 5 minute tutorial on how to use WeVideo HERE. See Mr. Gaitaniella for usernames/passwords.