St. Anthony Program

-The St. Anthony Program is a Catholic-based inclusive educational environment for children aged 5 - 21 with autism, Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities. For over 50 years, St. Anthony School Programs has helped both Catholic and non-Catholic students with developmental disabilities live their lives to the fullest academically, socially, vocationally and spiritually.

-St. Anthony School Programs provide students with a unique inclusive educational program. Individualized IEP's determine each child's level of inclusion and special resource room support gives the students every opportunity to learn in a safe and loving environment so that they may grow and become active and contributing members of society.

-Serra Catholic sponsors a St. Anthony Program for grades 9 - 12 and focuses on inclusion, social skills and the students' transition to vocational development that is tailored to each student in its speed and direction. The inclusive setting is based on each individual student's ability to participate and is supported when appropriate by paraprofessionals. These classes generally include religion, music, art, gym, among other academic classes, such as history and science.

-There is a mix throughout the week of inclusive classes, resource room classes and vocational training outside the building once a week. Upon graduating, students can transition into the Post-Secondary Program to further their vocational development while interacting with same-age peers in a university setting.

-You can find additional information on the Saint Anthony Program website by clicking here.