OSTC Program

OSTC Program

We have had many questions about the OSTC program. To clarify some issues, we are providing this general explanation. Of course, if you continue to have concerns, please feel free to call or email us.

  • The Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program was enacted by the state in July, 2012.

  • The program allows families who reside in low-performing school districts to send their children to private schools and apply for OSTC scholarship funds to offset the tuition.

  • The state and the public school districts DO NOT provide these scholarship funds.

  • Private schools, just like Serra, must raise those scholarship funds.

  • Serra must work with Pennsylvania businesses to bring in those funds.

  • Serra has been actively soliciting businesses to try to grow OSTC funds to help you with increased tuition aid.

  • We have been successful in securing some OSTC funds, but this has been a challenging process.

  • The OSTC funds and EITC funds we receive are distributed equitably to all families who apply and qualify.

  • Some families qualify for one or both programs. In all cases, we continue to distribute funds equitably.

  • While one family may receive EITC funds, another may receive OSTC funds. What is most important is that all families who qualify for these programs receive the proper amount of aid.

  • When you receive your aid package, please know that all funds have been distributed equitably, according to the need of each family and to the fullest extent possible.

  • Serra will continue to attempt to raise more EITC and OSTC funds so that we may provide additional financial support to our families.

  • If you can help us by referring companies who wish to participate in this program, please contact the school.

  • The programs (EITC and OSTC) work by allowing PA businesses to send their state income tax payment to Serra instead of Harrisburg. It costs the businesses very little, if anything, to do this. We would be happy to explain the program in detail to any business willing to listen.

Our continued prayer is that we will increase the OSTC and EITC funds available for tuition support so that each of you may send your children to Serra.

Thank you for choosing a Serra education for your child. We realize and appreciate the sacrifices you make to do so.