Dress Code



Order forms may be found on our website under the Campus Life tab then clicking the Forms option.


All students must wear Docker style pants, or dress pants, in either Khaki or Navy.

• Please note all pants must have back pockets and belt loops. Pants containing patch pockets are not permitted.

• Skinny pants, jeggings, yoga pants, joggers and cargo pants are not approved uniform pants.


Must be the approved red, white or navy Serra polo with the SC on the left chest.

• Both short and long sleeve options are available in regular or tall sizes

• If a t-shirt is worn under the polo, it must be a plain white t-shirt.

• For colder weather, a student may wear the following approved Serra clothing:

o sweater (black, V-neck) with polo worn underneath

o cardigan (black, button down) with polo worn underneath

o black 1⁄4 zip sweatshirt with “SC” on the left chest with polo worn underneath

o maroon sweatshirt with “SC” on the left chest

• If your child is wearing any other sweatshirt, hooded sweatshirt, fleece sweater, scarf, etc., they will incur demerits. Repeat offenders may have the illegal article of clothing confiscated and students will be charged a $1 charity fee in order to pick it up.


Students must have their polo shirts tucked in, wearing a solid black or brown belt. Belts must buckle and not tie.


Students are permitted to wear solid brown, black, grey, white or navy-blue dress shoes.

• Shoes must cover a student’s entire foot, have backs on them, and be completely tied if they contain laces.

• In the Winter, under administrative approval, students may wear solid black or brown boots as long as uniform pants are not tucked into them.

• Shoes must be solid in color with no markings or logos on them including stripes, swooshes, patterns, etc.

• High top and Athletic shoes such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Under Armor, Puma, Converse etc. are not permitted

• At no time, including dress down days, are students permitted to wear slippers, sandals, flip-flops or clogs to school.


Hair may not be dyed unnatural colors and extreme hairstyles, such as Mohawks, faux hawks, and cut-in logos, are not permitted.

• Hairstyles of male students must be cut above the collar, eyebrows and ears.

o Ponytails, buns, braids, or any other “updo” for male students are prohibited.

• Female students are able to wear plain headbands, but bandanas and overly decorative

headbands are not permitted to be worn by any student.


• Students are not permitted to have facial hair, mustaches, or mutton chops.

o Male students should be cleanly shaven every day and sideburns can be no longer than the ear.

• Only ear piercings are permitted – not to exceed three per ear.

o Flesh tunnels, barbells and gauges are prohibited.

o Visible piercings, other than the ear, are strictly forbidden.

▪ If a student comes to school with any piercing that violates the dress code, they will be asked to remove it.

• Visible tattoos are not permitted. Students who have visible tattoos will be required to have them covered during school hours.

• If girls opt to wear makeup it must be natural looking. Glitter and gothic color makeup are prohibited

• Hats and hoods must be taken off, or put down, once they enter the building. Students are NEVER permitted to wear hats or hoods, even on dress down days


During Dress down days, students are still expected to dress neatly and appropriately.

• All shirts must be at a length in which they can be tucked in, so midriffs are always fully covered. If a student raises their arms, their belly should not be visible

• Crop tops, cold shoulder shirts, off the shoulder shirts, sleeveless shirts, tank tops, and rompers are prohibited

• Shirts cannot be sheer, see through, skintight, revealing, or contain any inappropriate graphics

• For girls, shirts must have a neckline that should come no lower than the collarbone and cleavage must not be visible

• Students may wear jeans if they are not skintight or ripped

• Yoga pants, jeggings, cargo pants, or leggings are never permitted

• Shorts are also prohibited, unless we are under summer dress code, or have administrative approval

• Pants should not contain any inappropriate graphics or logos across the back end (juicy, angel, pink, etc.)

• Dresses and skirts are prohibited except under Administration approval. If a skirt or dress is worn, under administrative approval, slits must not terminate any shorter than

an inch above the knee

• Any shoe is allowed if they adhere to the rules stated above under the shoe section