Eagles Sports Live

  1. Use the schedule below to determine which game you want to watch via live stream.

  2. Select the game you want to watch live.

  3. Select the correct event and purchase the event.

  4. An email with the link to the event will be sent to you.

  5. At the date and time of the event, select the sent link to join the event.

All questions and concerns can be answered on the Streamkick FAQ link.

Games will be live-streamed, and recordings of all games will be posted on our SCHS YouTube channel

2020 SCHS Fall Sports Home Schedules

SCHS vs. Steel Valley PPD

SCHS vs. Carlynton 9/25/20

SCHS vs. Ligonier Valley 10/9/20

SCHS vs. Apollo Ridge 10/16/20

SCHS vs. Winchester-Thurston 9/21/20

SCHS vs. Greensburg C.C. 9/22/20

SCHS vs. South Allegheny 9/30/20

SCHS vs. Jeannette 10/3/20

SCHS vs. Trinity Christian School 10/8/20

SCHS vs. St. Joeseph 10/10/20

SCHS vs. Geibel 10/14/20

SCHS vs. Jeannette PPD

SCHS vs. Springdale 9/17/20

SCHS vs. Ligonier Valley 9/23/20

SCHS vs. Apollo-Ridge 9/29/20

SCHS vs. Greensburg C.C. 10/10/20

SCHS vs. Yough 10/15/20

SCHS vs Washington 9/23/20

SCHS vs. South Park 9/29/20

SCHS vs. Burgettstown 10/1/20

SCHS vs. McGuffey 10/8/20

SCHS vs Bentworth 10/20/20