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Our Mission

Beliefs of Serra Catholic High School

Operating in a Christ - Centered atmosphere we believe that:
1. Every student is a unique individual with inherent worth, talents and abilities.
2. Each person should be respected and treated with dignity.
3. In keeping with the Franciscan Tradition, a student’s spiritual and moral growth (are vital components) of his or her education.
4. Christ is the focus of our existence and as part of the whole Church Community we have a vital role in the mission of Evangelism of our youth.
5. The curriculum should provide the student with a solid foundation to become a life-long learner.
6. Teachers must be adult role models of Gospel values for students.
7. We do not operate alone but collaborate with parents whom we acknowledge as the foremost educators of our children.

The education we provide, in collaboration with parents, equips our students to make moral and ethical decisions grounded in gospel values. Our students will move “always forward” toward fulfilling Junipero Serra’s calling, “Amor A Dios!”