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Winter Sports Physicals

Please check out the following for information on physicals for the winter sports season, which includes basketball, swimming, and bowling athletes.


All needed paperwork is also available and fully explained at: SC Athletic Training (


There are 4 options to complete your paperwork:

  1. If you have not played a sport at Serra yet this school year, please go to the tab that says "full physical" in its title. Your physical has to have been done after June 1, 2023 to work for this school year.
  1. If you have just played soccer, football, volleyball, golf, cross country, or cheerleading and were not injured, go to the "parent-guardian recertification form" tab.  No medical provider signature is needed....just a parent/guardian and a student signature.
    SC Athletic Training - Parent / Guardian Recertification Form (
  1. If you played something this fall and were unfortunately sick or injured, go to the medical provider re-certification form. The medical provider that took care of you has to fill this out.  (If you were injured and returned to your fall sport as per doctor's orders, then you need the "parent-guardian re-certification form" for winter.) SC Athletic Training - Medical Provider Re-Certification Form (
  1. Also, if your winter sports physical was performed / re-certified / paperwork filled out earlier than mid October 2023, please also turn in a current "parent-guardian re-certification form."  This is for your family to state that your student has been healthy since their last physical done between June 1, 2023 and mid Oct 2023.
    SC Athletic Training - Parent / Guardian Recertification Form (

Concussion testing dates for freshmen, junior, and new basketball players will be on Tuesday Nov 21, 2023.  


You cannot participate as of Friday November 17 without a fully filled out, valid physical or proper re-certification papers.  


Please email any questions to [email protected].