2024-25 Sports Physicals » 2024-25 Sports Physicals

2024-25 Sports Physicals

All 2024 - 2025 Fall Athletic Physicals MUST be dated on or after MAY 1, 2024 and are due to Serra's main office by August 1, 2024!!! 

(Winter and Spring Athletic Physicals are due 1 week prior to their start date.) 

Find the full physical packet by clicking here

April 29, 2024 

Dear Parents and Guardians: 

  1. ONLY the following PIAA paperwork will be accepted as PART OF Serra's physical packet. It was revised and board approved by the PIAA on March 24, 2024. 
  1. This comprehensive PIAA physical, if PERFORMED or CERTIFIED on or after May 1, 2024, is valid until April 30, 2025 or the end of the spring sports season (whichever applies to your child), provided that your child did/does not become injured, ill, or had/has surgery, as per PIAA specifications. This CERTIFICATION concept is fairly new and allows the student's physical to be performed before May 1, 2024. Therefore, if your student has had a recent physical since their last sports physical and they are still healthy/ uninjured since that physical, it can work for the 2024-2025 sports seasons at your medical provider's discretion. The date the certified medical examiner writes is the date (which must be on/after May 1, 2024) that says that the physical done on that day or that a previously done physical is valid for the 2024-2025 sports year. *Please remember, even if your child was not ill or injured, in order for him/her to play any subsequent sports, (ex. basketball or baseball if your child completed soccer without any of the aforementioned injuries/illnesses) the PIAA requires that a 1 page form be filled out by the parent/guardian for recertification in winter and spring subsequent sports.
  1. However, if your son/daughter was unfortunately sick, injured, or had surgery, their health care provider must fill out the appropriate paperwork for return to play during for current or the next sports season. Also, if they were injured, seriously ill, or had surgery after their sport was over or during the summer, please attach a return to sport clearance from their physician to the following physical paperwork.
  1. Please stay in touch with your coaches leading up to the start of your sport for MANDATORY concussion baseline testing for 2024/2025 freshmen, juniors, and all new Serra athletes who participate in football, soccer, cheerleading, and basketball. Fall baselines will likely be the second week of August. Basketball baselines will be done in November.
  1. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, preferably via email. Please find the Serra documentation, the 6 pages of the PIAA physical, and 2 UPMC forms by clicking here. All 9 pages of the documentation must be filled out correctly and completely and turned in prior to your child's first day of practice for the packet to be considered a valid physical and for your child to participate. Any questions about the UPMC paperwork, which has nothing to do with your insurance provider and is only needed because UPMC provides our athletic training services, can be directed towards me. I will gladly accept the physical packet (please turn it into Serra's main office) at any time over the summer (after May 1), as I will be making periodic trips to the school. This way, if I discover any mistakes with the paperwork, we can work together to clear them up as to not delay your child from participation.

Thank you, 

Cara DeSalvo, MSEd, LAT, ATC 

Athletic Director 

[email protected]


Find the full physical packet by clicking here