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Serra Catholic High School will once again use the automated attendance system SchoolPass.
If you know your childe will be absent, have an early dismissal, or be late for any reason, you may use this system to note your child's attendance at school. You still have the option of calling the Main Office at 412-751-2020 or emailing [email protected].
SchoolPass tracks and automates the student sign-in and sign-out process from easy-to-use self-service kiosks at different locations in the school. This system also includes our Visitor Management System.
To use the platform, follow the instructions sent to you in the beginning of the school year. If you are already registered through SchoolPass, you will not receive an email. If you have any questions regarding SchoolPass, please check out the tutorials below.
If you have trouble setting up your profile or do not receive an email from SchoolPass, please contact Mrs. Cindy Carr in the Main Office at 412-751-2020.